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One Artist, endless 


Joanna Roszkowska is one of these talented humans that are able to make the world a better place through priceless works of art. 

From independent paintings and sculptures to DUETS, the works of Joanna are going beyond simplicity; they combine, take shape, tell stories, and hold value for future generations to experience the world in a time capsule. Art is timeless.

Fine arts,
Digital Format


Embrace the journey of a lifetime, even if you're new to Web3, NFTs, and Crypto. Joanna Roszkowska's NFT Collection is your entry ticket into an extraordinary world of possibility.

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The Journey Begins Today

Unveil the extraordinary—begin your art odyssey with Joanna Roszkowska's NFT Collection. Say "YES" to a realm of awe-inspiring creativity, where every click, every token, and every breath draws you closer to an artistic awakening.

Own a Piece of Immortality

These unique digital assets are a rare opportunity to own a piece of artistry that transcends time. As you take the leap into the world of NFTs, you become not just a collector, but a cherished participant in Joanna's artistic journey.

Curious for more? 

Discover the Universe Within Art: Dive into the captivating world of Joanna Roszkowska's NFT collection, "The Seasons of Joanna Roszkowska." Embark on a journey through the Biomorphic, Madness, Sensual, and Carbon seasons, where art and cosmic essence converge. Immerse yourself in the intricate beauty and profound connections that Roszkowska's creations offer.


Joanna Roszkowska

Being an artist does not resume to the act of creation. But also keeping up with the audiences on their favorite channels. 

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