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I am a designer by education. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Industrial Design. After graduating I dealt with design and applied arts for many years. I started sculpting in 2015 when I first came into contact with clay. Over the years I have been trying to find the best medium to express the changes that I have observed in myself and in the world. When I discovered clay, its plasticity and roughness, its structures and melody under my fingers, I knew that it would become a supplement to my search, and maybe even the final. My innitial works included in the "Biomorphic" series were inspired by nature. In them you can find pure biology, fossils, organic shapes inspired by the world of nature - the force of the element, corals, the cycle of birth and death. From 2017 my works entered the stage of simplification and synthesis.


Currently, there are two trends in my sculptural works that intertwine and return in many sculptures collections that have been created so far. The first is the reflection on the relationship between man and nature, the second is the dualism and sensualism of the human being. When creating, I use intuition, transforming clay into unique abstract forms. In my works, I bring to the surface difficult, hidden topics - such as the issue of gender fluidity and imprisonment in an inappropriate body, sexuality or madness. I discover what is covered and is often taboo. My goal is to provoke the recipient to reflect, think about the complexity of human nature and overcome all stereotypes. Every shape I create is a reflection of some inner truth and emotion. In my works, I try to capture movement and emotions, this one moment that I somehow close in the shape of clay. My works are essentially non-narrative, but it strongly emphasize the ability of the form itself to convey emotional content to the viewer.


I treat my sculptures as spatial paintings, combining glazes, iron and chromium oxides, porcelain, and natural rust. In this way, I obtain unique color effects, emphasizing the given structures. The works are either unglazed, as in the case of the Nomads collection, with an extensive textured surface, or covered with strong, distinct colors that add more dynamism and energy to the works (Madness Collection). I am trying to decategorize and reverse the usual patterns of sculpture and ceramic tradition. It is an improvisation that resembles the way a musician freely interprets a sound. I am still experimenting and setting new challenges for myself by creating new sculptures collections. To increase the sensual involvement of the viewer (recipient), I test and explore the physical boundaries of the material clay. Therefore, sometimes I am asked what materials my sculptures are made of. My anthropomorphic abstractions are a constant search and conversation. With myself and with the world.

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