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"What I have in my Mind", Gemini Gallery, Eindhoven 2022 / solo exhibition

"Duets", Baltic Philharmonic, Gdansk 2022 / solo exhibition

"Otul sie sztuka", SOA Gallery, Warsaw 2021/ group exhibition

"Intimate structures", SOA Gallery, Warsaw 2021/ solo exhibition

"ART Nomad", Born to Create, Warsaw 2019 / group exhibition

"In the jungle", Agra Art Nova, Warsaw 2019 / group exhibition

"Konfrontacje Sztuki", Test Gallery, Warsaw 2018 / group exhibition

"Entropy" Bydgoszcz Art Center, Bydgoszcz 2018 / solo exhibition

"Biomorphic Art", Koszyki, Warsaw 2017 / solo exhibition,

"Biomorphic Art", Royal Castle in Warsaw, 2017 / solo exhibition

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