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Joanna Roszkowska

Painter & Ceramic Sculptor

Welcome stranger,

My world is open to everyone who is not afraid to go beyond the limits - imagination, thinking patterns, superstitions. I'm glad to see you here. I reveal my thoughts and emotions to you in the form that allows me to express myself best - sculptures and paintings.

The world of my clay and paints is a place where you can discover the most intimate emotions in front of you. Look at my works - they are made to be experienced, not only viewed. It is an invitation to talk about what we only sometimes think about. Conversations with yourself and the world. If you are here, it means that we have more things in common than divide us. We see more than meets the eye, we search deeper. I express this search with canvases and sculptures. But both you and I are curious about the world and we will not be satisfied with simple recipes. We discover, we reflect, we oppose the beaten and comfortable paths. If one of my works attracts you, keeps you - let me know. It can get into your hands - this way we will establish a dialogue and you will support my artistic development. And now I invite you… to talk, to watch and listen to what my art says to you.

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