Joanna Roszkowska is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Industrial Design. 
"In the world I have created, nature is out of control, enormous, revealing its strength, seems to be endowed with consciousness. I am fascinated by the destructive power of tornadoes, hydrothermal chimneys, tide waves. In my work, I try to capture movement, that one moment in clay, in shape." As the sculptor admits,"creating is a journey in time and space. it is a way of achievieng freedom, of self-discovery and discovering the truth." It is perfectly visible in the techniques and forms that are constantly undergoing transformation. This makes her art out of the box.
Joanna Roszkowska's modern scuplures emanate dynamics, form and sexuality. Simultaneously, in her works you can find pure biology, organic shapes -  inspired by the world of nature - the strength of the elements, corals, cycle of birth and death. With clay - the raw material closest to earth, the artist portrays the elements and nature, considering it an unsurpassed design.

Interview about me & my work (in Polish):

Konik kreatywny

Joro interview

Joro interview